Video/Audio Intercoms

Granting access to a commercial or residential building through a telephone entry system is an excellent way of enhancing an access control system. Telephone entry systems allow for a vocal clarity that allows potential visitors to identify themselves before entering the facility. These systems are suitable for commercial or residential buildings.

Video intercoms provide additional security measures. Now, visitors can be identified not only by their voice but also by their appearance, leaving little margin for error in detecting individuals entering your facility. 

Commercial intercom systems not only enhance your commercial security system by controlling access into the facility, but they also allow for communication between the different locations within the facility. Whether a facility-wide page is necessary or simply communication from one room to another, these systems allow for information to be transmitted as needed.

Our audio intercoms feature:

  • Audible screening of visitors at the gate / door
  • Audible monitoring of children / selected rooms
  • Hands-free reply
  • Privacy
  • Optional music input facility
  • General and selective room calling
  • General Paging
  • House-wide communication
  • Gate / door answering and release

Our video intercoms have the additional features of:

  • Visual screening of visitors at the gate / door
  • Visual monitoring of children / outside activities
  • Visual monitoring of your home, office, warehouse and laneways

Implementing an intercom system is an effective step in assuring that your access control system is safe and effective. Oz Tech Security offers many different systems and products that will meet your specific needs.