Electronic perimeter protection

Considering more than 80% of break-ins occur through windows, doors and skylights, perimeter protection is the first line of defence against an intruder. It is essential to provide electric perimeter protection to the opening and entry points of a building, including windows, doors, skylights and vents. Additionally, electronic security such as electric fencing can be an effective, cost competitive alternative to expensive static guards.

Photo Electric Beams

Using a light source and a receiving element sensitive to a change in light intensity, an alarm will signal when an intruder interrupts the invisible beam. Ranging up to 1000 feet, photoelectric beams not only respond to moving objects but also motionless human-like objects can be detected. A line of vertical photoelectric beams can also be produced to create a fence-like protection, as single beams can be walked around.

Oztech Security has an extensive range of perimeter protection products that include gates, barriers, turnstiles, road blockers and fencing all of which can be supplied as a stand-alone system or incorporated with systems such as intruder, CCTV and access control.

Such systems provide an effective deterrent to non-authorised individuals but can also monitor, control and record the movement of personnel and vehicles.

When considering perimeter protection solutions Oztech Security will match the clients security requirements and environment in which it will operate to provide a solution that offers minimum inconvenience to those who have authorized access and where necessary will have the styling to match the aesthetics of the surrounding area.