CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)

CCTV is now considered one of the most effective and powerful tools to combat crime, providing indisputable evidence for use in court hearings.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a visual surveillance technology with the ability to monitor a variety of environments and activities. A communication link is generally used between the CCTV security camera and monitor and can include full pan tilt and zoom functionality. A CCTV security camera can be remotely operated from a control room. A security camera will detect an intruder when the viewer senses movement, by verifying if an alarm signal is real, and by monitoring constant surveillance areas.

Oz Tech Security offers a complete line of surveillance solutions. Whether it is a video camera link to your home intercom system or a comprehensive track and trace system or surveillance cameras that employ the latest technology in video analytics and intrusion detection, Oz Tech Security can design and install a risk-appropriate CCTV system that may encompass one or more of the following:


Camera sites are selected to ensure coverage of positions of importance to the organization. With literally thousands of different models available from hundreds of manufacturers, the correct selection of cameras is key to the performance of a system.

Recording and Storage

The single biggest development within the CCTV industry in the last 10 years has been the migration from tape-based analogue to tape free digital technology. With the hard drive capacities continuing to grow It is possible to offer long term storage of high quality, high frame rate recording with the added advantage of fast image search, retrieval and archiving to DVD.

Monitoring and Control

From dedicated control rooms utilizing the latest technology DLP monitor walls to a single monitor every CCTV system requires a user interface. This must be simple to operate and ergonomically engineered to minimize fatigue to the user. IP networks are often used to allow multiple users to benefit from access to CCTV system n their PC or Laptop.

Home Security

Dependent on the level of risk and an assessment of your security needs, Oz Tech Security can recommend a combination of protective measures that may be appropriate to maintain the safety of your family and personal possessions. This may include linking a surveillance system to your intruder alarm, intercom or access control.

Commercial Security

To operate in a growing economy, it is essential for companies to safeguard against intrusion, robbery, attack and sabotage. Drawing on the company's experience in the sector, Oz Tech Security has the know-how and technical expertise to design, install and maintain a surveillance system to client specification.

The video surveillance systems can be linked to access control, intruder detection solutions and intercoms.