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Protecting neighbourhoods and uplifting communities

Being pro-active about security can save lives and reduce the risk of losing valuable possessions. This approach to security is what Oz Tech Security is all about. For this reason, Oz Tech Security is proud to support an ever-growing number of community initiatives and events.

Our aim is to support, serve and uplift the communities in which we operate and these important projects have been identified as a way of achieving this.

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Office of Crime Prevention

We are affiliated with a few different programme that assist the community such as Eyes on the street and Burgular Beware
The Office of Crime Prevention is the centre of excellence in crime prevention in Western Australia, hosting a range of programs and funding various research and crime prevention and reduction initiatives.

By building partnerships with business, government and local communities, the Office of Crime Prevention seeks to engage every Western Australian in the fight against crime, after all - crime is everybody's business.
For more information about the program visit the crime prevention website
www.crimeprevention.wa.gov.au - Back to top

Crime Stoppers

We encourage the use of crime stoppers to aid in the reduction of criminal activity in our community.

Crime Stoppers is a telephone hotline for members of the community to provide anonymous information about criminal activity. This information is electronically sent to the police establishment nearest to where the crime is occurring for investigation.

  • You, the caller, do not need to give your name. Remaining anonymous allows you to overcome any fear of involvement or retaliation. 
  • Your call is not recorded or taped. You are not identified in any way. 
  • Callers are allocated a code number: 
  • To provide further information 
  • To check on the progress of the investigation 
  • To claim a reward.

For more information about the program visit the Crime stoppers website www.wa.com.au - Back to top

Burglar Beware

Through our contact with Mandurah's Community Policing Officer we are able to aid in the awareness of home and business and home security in our community.

Burglar Beware is an ongoing awareness campaign reminding the public to lock up their homes and warning burglars that they will be caught.

Burglar Beware encourages the public to play its part by improving home security and working with their neighbours and the police to deter burglars.
The Burglar Beware program addresses a range of issues that impact on burglary including:

  • home security; 
  • offender diversion and intervention; 
  • community awareness and involvement; 
  • targeting known and repeat offenders; 
  • school attendance; 
  • stolen goods disposal; 
  • information and intelligence gathering; 
  • coordination between government agencies; and, 
  • linking with non-government organisations.

For more information about the program visit the Burglar Beware website. www.burglarbeware.wa.gov.au - Back to top

Mandurah Police

Oz Tech Security is constantly in contact with the Mandurah Police to providing information to assist with their investigations.
Mandurah Police

For more information about the West Australian Police visit their website.
www.police.wa.gov.au - Back to top

Safety House

We regularly support local schools with cash donations to allow them to inform and educate young people on the importance of personal security and the use of the Safety House Programme. We also support the Safety House Book that is distributed to all school age children in the Peel area.

Safety House has a commity in our local community to develop, operate and monitor Safety Houses in our area. This is to ensure that standards of safety for children are maintained and that Safety House signs are current and clearly visible to any child needing assistance. The local Safety House Committee is also active in the school and community to promote and raise awareness of the benefits of the Safety House program.

For more information about the program visit the Safety House website.
www.safetyhousewa.org.au - Back to top

Senior Support

We are currently in the process of organising information events in the Peel Region to allow our company to provide information regarding the ease of use of security products and the availability of the Safety and Security Rebate for seniors. We will also be distributing basic safety and security information to seniors for at home and when out and about. What is the Safety and Security Rebate for Seniors?

This one-off rebate delivers WA Seniors Card holders up to $200 per household towards buying and installing home security devices. Claims are limited to one per Seniors Card holder and one per household. The scheme starts on 1 July 2009 and ends on 31 March 2012. Any items bought and installed before 1 July 2009 are not eligible for the rebate.

Seniors Safety and Security Rebate claim forms

Seniors Safety and Security Rebate claim forms will be available at Australia Post outlets from 17 July 2009. If you would like a claim form before then, you can download a copy from the senior's card website. Forms are also available from the Seniors Card Centre, Level 1, Albert Facey House, 469 Wellington Street, Perth or you can call the Seniors Card Centre on 6217 8855 (metro) or 1800 671 233 (country callers) and ask for a claim form to be posted to you.

For more information about the Seniors Safety and Security Rebate claim visit the Seniors Card website www.seniorscard.wa.gov.au

We are in constant contact with the City of Mandurah in regards to informing and implementing security awareness in the City of Mandurah. For more information about the City of Mandurah visit their website www.mandurah.wa.gov.au - Back to top

Eyes on the street

All staff members at Oz Tech Security have completed a training program to allow our company to identify and record suspicious behaviour in our community and report it to police.

Eyes on the Street is a coordinated intelligence gathering program which encourages State Government agencies, local governments and businesses to identify and record suspicious behaviour and report it to police.

The program aims to establish partnerships between the Office of Crime Prevention, WA Police and organisations whose workers spend their days on the streets and are therefore in the best position to witness and report suspicious or criminal activity.

Eyes on the Street increases police intelligence about goings-on in the local area and the high visibility of members' branded vehicles helps deter crime.  - Back to top


Eyes on the Street currently has 172 partners, including:

  • major shopping centres; 
  • local governments; 
  • educational institutions; 
  • government agencies/departments; and 
  • industry bodies.

For more information about the program visit the crime prevention website. www.crimeprevention.wa.gov.au - Back to top