Security Services

OzTech Security offer a wide variety of security services for both commercial and residential establishments, the following is a short summary of what we provide our customers.

Consultation | Design | Quotation | Installation | Project Management | Follow Ups | Service and Maintenance | Monitoring


The aim of our initial consultation is to attain a clear understanding of the client's needs and risks. We give the client a basic company profile and ensure them that they would be receiving the highest quality product and services to be carried out by fully licensed trained professional.

We gain the required information by firstly listening to the clients concerns and then reviewing the property in detail looking at all areas that may be of potential risk. We then advise and explain to the client the current risks of the property and our recommendations. From the consultation we are then able to design the most adequate system for each individual client from residential to complex high security solutions. We use the same process for new systems and also existing systems requiring upgrades or additional components and to allow an integrated system. The consultation is a free service we offer to all of our clients.


The design of the system is one of the most important elements of the security solution, with emphasis on ensuring to cover all of the clients risk areas and concerns. When the design is completed we then explain the security design and its components to the clients in full to guarantee that they have full confidence and satisfaction in their tailored design. The design is a free service we offer to all of our clients.

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We present the detailed quote to the client ensuring that all components and services are listed and full costing is shown. We inform the client of any additional products or services they may like to receive and full costing is shown. In a case where certain variables may affect the security solution the client is fully informed and advised on any additional cost that may be incurred. We also inform the client of warranty details. The quote is an obligation free service that we offer to all of our clients. Quotations are valid for a period of 30 days.

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On acceptance of the written quote a date and time is set for the installation and an approximate time of completion. Our highly trained fully licensed technicians carry out the installation in the most professional manner, keeping in mind to respect the client, their property and privacy at all times. When the installation is complete we then put in place a security protocol.

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Project management

Is the overseeing of installations to ensure all products and services are installed and carried out at the highest level. To ensure clients have a full understanding of their system and that all protocols are in place to provide the client with a total security solution on completion.

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Follow ups

We have contact with our clients on completion of the installation to allow us to give full client training in the system provided and to answer any questions they may have in regards to the system and the protocol that's been implemented. The client may also want further information on other products and services that we can provide and integrate with a system that they already have in place.

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Service / maintenance

As part of our complete & comprehensive security services, we inform our clients of the importance of the routine maintenance of all security systems. We inform them that service and maintenance should be carried out on an annual basis as stated in the Australian Standards (AS 2201.1) with no more than thirteen months between visits. This is to ensure optimum performance and continued reliability from their system, and again providing full customer confidence and satisfaction in the products and services that we have provided.

Our client is automatically contacted on an annual basis to carry out this service. We provide advice on how to use systems to new clients with existing systems, fault analysis, programme changes to systems to accommodate building alterations, the adding and integration of extra components to existing systems, management of protocol due to staff changes, new ownership and clients going on vacation as well as emergency call outs.

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Because crime doesn't keep business hours, Oz Tech Security offers alarm monitoring every second of every day, so be assured that if something goes wrong you'll always be the first to know

If no one responds to alarm signals transmitted by your Intruder Alarm system then the system is totally inadequate. The most effective way to reduce loss and protect your assets is to have your system monitored.

Oztech Security believes a security system is only as effective as the service and support provided by its alarm monitoring station. Within Australia, it is important to find out if an alarm monitoring station is graded and registered by the ASIAL.

Alarm monitoring stations are graded according to their internal security, their monitoring system integrity and their alarm action time.

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