Frequently asked Questions

Why should I choose a security company that is an ASIAL member?

ASIAL is the spokesperson and self-regulatory body of the Security Industry and its membership requirements inherently involve a high level of business ethics, standards and industrial award compliance. The benefits of selecting an ASIAL member as your security provider are that they can provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that the level of electronic security they deliver meets industry standards and code of ethics.

Is an alarm system really a deterrent to potential thieves?

Yes! Properties with alarm systems installed are 3 to 4 times less likely to be targeted by thieves. Burglaries are more predominant in places without security systems because there is less risk and they have less chance of being caught.

How often should I have my Intruder Alarm system checked and how often should I change the back-up battery?

Australian standard AS2201.1 requires that your Intruder Alarm security system be maintained once per year as a minimum with no more than thirteen months between visits. We recommend that your back-up battery is replaced every 2 years.

Is insurance cheaper when there are security systems installed?

Yes! in most cases the Insurance companies know that you are less likely to be burglarized if a security system is installed. Hence the insurance companies are less likely to have to pay large insurance claims on stolen property and are willing to give significant discounts to their customers that install monitored security systems in their premises. The level of discount depends on the individual insurance company and before making any decisions you should seek accurate advice regarding discounts from your individual Insurance provider 

What warranty does Oz Tech Security offer?

Oz Tech Security is a small business. We strive to deliver service that is second to none. All work carried out and products sold comes with a parts and labor warranty (Product and Service Dependant) however in saying that if a product we have sold or a service we have provided fails to satisfy your needs past the warranty period initially offered, we will happily assess the situation on a case by case basis to ensure that the service we provide initially is followed through to ensure a long and mutually beneficial outcome.

How long does an alarm take to install?

Most alarm systems will take approximately one full day for an average single-storey home, and approximately two days for larger two-storey homes. For business and commercial premises, installation times will vary greatly depending on the type of system used and the size of the premises.

How does the alarm communicate with the 24 hour control room when an alarm goes off?

When an alarm is generated from your premises, the alarm system will automatically dial the 24 hour control room, sending your system's information through the phone line. The signal is relayed by a high tech computer, which alerts the control room operator that a signal has been received from your premises. Immediate action is taken in accordance to the type of alarm (burglary, fire, panic, medical, etc.) and in compliance with your specific requirements.

What is the difference between a local alarm and a monitored or back-to-base alarm?

A local alarm simply makes a lot of noise by setting off the sirens if an intruder enters your premises and activates the alarm. It is then up to your neighbours to investigate the cause of the alarm, contact the police or in some instances, ignore the alarm activation. This, of course, is dependent on your neighbours being home at the time.

A back-to-base alarm system not only makes a lot of noise, but at the same time communicates to a 24 hour control room. The control room staff can then radio police, contact armed security personnel, as well as notify the appropriate authorities as specified by you. This kind of system offers you a much higher level of security.

I have had broadband ADSL installed – do I need to have a filter?

If you have a monitored alarm system, then yes you must always install an ADSL filter. This can be installed by any qualified person.

Is lighting important when considering CCTV surveillance cameras?

Good lighting is essential when considering a CCTV system. Care must be taken with the selection of cameras for its light sensitivity and lens type. Without correct lighting your expensive CCTV surveillance system will be useless. Infra red illuminators are available to assist in poorly lit areas providing a night vision capacity to your video surveillance camera.

Will my pet/s set off the alarm?

No. We have sourced many pet-friendly movement sensors, which can easily detect an intruder whilst ignoring a family pet roaming around indoors. Simply let us know that you have indoor pets at the time of quotation and we will advise you on the most suitable sensors for your premises.

I have young children. How easy is it for them to use the alarm?
Our systems are very user-friendly. Most residential systems require the pressing of only 1 button to turn the alarm system on, and only a 4 digit code needs to be entered to turn the alarm system off. We have found that most children over the age of ten years have no trouble using most of our systems.

Can I use my alarm whilst I am at home or sleeping?

Yes. After the alarm system has been installed, we will discuss with you some options and recommendations on what part of the alarm (which rooms and doors etc) you should activate before retiring to bed. This will then be programmed by our technician. Once this has been programmed, the alarm system can be activated in the "stay" mode (often called the "home" mode) by simply pressing one button which will arm key areas of your home whilst leaving other areas turned off to allow you to move around some of the house.

What happens if there is a power failure or burglars turn the power off?

All modern alarm systems come complete with a durable back-up battery, which will continue to run the alarm system without power for many hours. When power has been restored to the property, the alarm system will recharge the battery - in most cases to the same condition it was before the power failure occurred. Should the alarm system be monitored back-to-base, the alarm would send a signal to the 24 hour control room that the power is off. Appropriate action can then be taken. .

What happens if the phone line is cut?

OzTech Security Services can offer you a much higher grade of alarm monitoring, in which the control room can detect if your phone line is cut or damaged. The control room then acts on this accordingly by radioing through to a patrol response company or contacting you, neighbours, colleagues, friends or police.

We have other systems available that can offer secondary communication paths. There are many other communication paths that the alarm system can use to send alarm signals to the control room.

Does my alarm system continue to work during a power failure?

Almost all professionally installed alarm systems today come with an internal backup battery. This means that during power outages the alarm system will automatically switch to the backup battery. The backup battery will ensure your alarm system powered for up to 12 - 24 hours, depending on how much you use the system during this time. After the main power of your home comes back on, the alarm system will begin recharging the backup battery until it is at full power again. During this time the alarm system will report that the battery is low until fully charged.

What payment options are available?

You can pay by Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Direct Deposit and Cheque.

Should you have any other questions which are not listed here, then please contact us.