Intruder Alarms

Oz Tech Security offers an extensive range of technologically advanced security systems of the highest international specifications for homes and businesses. Our security systems range from entry-level to advanced. Each system is designed and installed to address the specific security requirements of each individual project.

Home Security

Approximately 8% of householders in WA are affected by vandalism or attempted break-in. Whilst insurance can minimize the financial cost of a break-in, it cannot replace personal items that are stolen or destroyed, nor restore the peace of mind that is lost through a break-in. The good news is OzTech Security can help you safeguard the people, places and possessions that you care most about through our residential burglar alarm and intruder detection systems.

At the heart of home security is the home alarm system. When combined with an alarm-monitoring device, your alarm provides an even more effective security system.

A monitored alarm provides a continuous record of conditions at your property so you have the assurance of knowing what has happened at your property, even when you are not home. Any change can be transmitted immediately to the central control room and the appropriate response initiated.

Commercial Security

Being able to monitor the movements of employees, customers and visitors can prevent your business from becoming a theft or crime statistic. Whether it is the protection of a retail outlet, a commercial business or a production facility, OzTech Security has the relevant skills and experience to provide the assurance that your business has the appropriate level of security measures in place.

Intruder alarms are the foundation of the security solutions offered to commercial customers. Oz Tech Security can develop customized solutions to meet the specific needs of different business and commercial sector.

Although typically used to detect the openings of doors and windows, intruder detection devices can also be used to detect equipment tampering as well as intruders already on the premises. A burglar alarm system can be combined with an intruder detection system to provide maximum protection and reduce false burglar alarms.

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