Fire protection

Smoke detectors are the most sensitive method of detecting a fire and should be used wherever conditions allow. Smoke detectors are, however, vulnerable to false alarms caused by dust, steam or smoke from coking. Where there is a likelihood of false alarms caused by any of these effects a thermal detector should be used. It is important to choose a smoke detector which is approved to Australian Standards or to a recognized overseas body such as UL or LPC.

Heat detectors are normally used in environments where a smoke detector would generate false alarms - such as kitchens or shower rooms. Rate-of-rise heat detectors will alarm if the temperature goes above a fixed threshold or if the temperature is rising very quickly. This type of detector would be the first choice in an environment where a smoke detector could not be used. However, detectors are not enough. It is recommended that every home have a fire escape plan that is known by all members of the family.

Thermal/heat detectors will create an alarm condition when the area reaches a pre-determined temperature. Two types of thermal detectors are available; fixed temperature detectors measure the surrounding air temperature and rate-of-rise detectors monitor changes in temperature. Thermal detectors have proven successful in assisting in the early detection of fires which in turn helps to minimize or eliminate damage and/or loss.

Unlike battery -powered detectors available in hardware stores, hardwired smoke detectors utilize more advanced analytical systems to detect invisible or visible smoke particles in the area in which they are located. These detectors are also monitored to ensure effective operation, so you never have to worry about failure. Oztech Security offers two types of system smoke detectors. Firstly, an ionization detector that reacts to gasses produced in the early stages of combustion. Secondly, a beam detector can be used to cover large areas that will signal when smoke obscures the light beam transmission to the receiver. Both of Oztech's system smoke detectors are highly effective at detecting and signaling smoke at its earliest prouction.